Child Support

Each parent in the State of Florida has a fundamental obligation to support his or her minor or legally dependent child pursuant to § 61.29(1), Florida Statutes. In Florida, child support is calculated based on the guidelines enunciated in § 61.30, Florida Statutes. Of course, the State of Florida has an interest in preserving the best interest of a child and part of that is ensuring the parents of children are providing appropriately for their children.

Essential Child Support Factors

child support Coral Springs Attorney Scott BrooksThe essential (but not all) factors in calculating child support are the child’s parents’ gross income, the amount of overnight time sharing each parent has with their child(ren), whether one or both parents pay for health, dental and other medical insurance expenses or child care for their child, and how many other children either party already has a pre-existing obligation to pay child support for.

Broward County Child support is an issue which must be decided for any party involved in a paternity or dissolution of marriage involving minor children. A failure to abide by a court order to pay child support can result in a suspension of a payor’s driver’s license, and present severe and even criminal consequences for the party ordered to pay child support. If you have questions surrounding whether you or your child’s other parent have an obligation to pay child support or have a child support enforcement action pending, you should contact our law office immediately. Broward Child support is for your children, not the other parent. It is an obligation that should be honored and is never waived.


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