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I would say that one of the myths is that some have accord will give them the result that they think that they’re entitled to. In other words that they feel like there is a guarantee of a particular result and as much as I can tell a client that there are no guarantees, we can have the law on our side, we can have us on our side, we can have everything on our side, the judge may still make a determination against what our client wishes that to occur and there just no guarantees either in law or in life.

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What is a Collaborative Family Law Attorney?

I think collaborative family law attorneys are awesome because they’re focused on a resolution on an agreement between the parties and not focused on the battle, not focused on trial. So when I have a client that hires me to collaborate with the other side to share information, to find out what compromise can work, I think that’s fantastic. While I am also a trial attorney, to focus on the collaborative end of family law is such a benefit to the families involved it can really reduce the bitterness and focus on new lives and new possibilities for both parties.

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