Leadership Training

What this internship has meant to me?
By: Talia Kabolowsky

I heard about this internship opportunity, and instantly ran to the phone. I interviewed with Mr. Brook, and he hired me. I started this internship in February, not knowing a single thing about the field of law and what it entails. Now it is August, and my horizon has broadened in ways that I could not explain. When most people think about interns, they automatically think about the grunt work and the irrelevant assignments that no one else wants to do. This is simply not the case. I not only learned about the field of law as a whole, but I also learned the job of a paralegal, the role of the book keeper, what specific documents are needed in court, and many other things. This internship means so much more to me than just a line on my resume. This internship has taught me what it means to be dedicated and a hard worker.
I was incredibly lucky in my experience as an intern. I not only had an amazing learning experience, but I had an amazing mentor as well. Mr. Brook did not simply give me tasks and a desk to do them, he told me the meaning of all the assignments that I was given, and the purpose that they will serve in the future. Being a lawyer as well as the Mayor comes with a lot of long hours and hard work, but Mr. Brook always made it a priority to communicate with me and come up with meaningful assignments that would expand my knowledge. I feel that one of the most important tasks that I have done during my internship has been observing what Mr. Brook was doing. Listening to calls he made, emails he wrote to clients, and seeing what his day-to-day looked like taught me a great deal of what it’s like to be a lawyer. Being able to see things from his perspective has helped me prepare for my future and what career path I am interested in going into. While interning, I have built so many meaningful relationships with staff and fellow interns. I have gained knowledge not only from Mr. Brook, but also from the other interns and everyone else at the firm. Everyone has something to offer and learning from all of these different people has helped me to gain different perspectives on things. This internship has given me exposure to real world situations and showed me what is needed in order to be a good mentee, college, and friend. Through this, I have also learned how to manage my time wisely, which is one of the most important skills to have in life. In addition to many other things, the time management skills that I have gained will allow me to succeed in many other things throughout my life. As I reflect on my internship, I am filled with gratitude and realize how truly blessed I was to receive this amazing opportunity. To me, my internship was a learning experience, an opportunity to show my talent, and a challenge. This internship has taught me so many things and allowed me to self-reflect and grow as an individual; and for that, I am extremely grateful.