Testimonials For Scott J. Brook P.A.

“Several years after my divorce, it became obvious that the original family sharing plan was not working for my elementary aged children or for me. As I reflect back these were horribly difficult times. Little frustrations like missing class t-shirts and missing homework to big frustrations like unpaid mortgage (which we both were responsible for) and unpaid, shared, medical bills became my reality and my nightmare.

Scott came recommended by a friend who had been through a break-up with a child. He didn’t represent my friend but her significant other. She told me he was strong, which is what I was looking for. I was feeling particularly overwhelmed with the entire situation and really looking for an advocate who could see through the mess. Financially I was stressed and trying to carry the “single parent” responsibilities for my two children was overwhelming. Upon meeting Scott there was no question he was a perfect fit. He listened and perhaps more importantly, he understood.

Throughout the entire process, Scott was by my side. He was available for counsel, he returned phone calls and emails. He cautioned me and he kept my feet on the ground, letting me know what I should expect and what was realistic. In hindsight, I’m most grateful for that. He never let me or my emotions get out of line. We laughed together and he got tough when necessary.

With Scott representing me, I won. It’s really as simple as that. I hired Scott and I won. I got everything that I wanted: more time sharing, variable expenses paid, the house. To summarize my experience with Scott Jonathan Brook, I hired him and I won.

Scott has become a true friend and a confidant. He continues to check in with me periodically. To say that he genuinely cares about his clients, his family and his community is an understatement. Scott is a stand up Dad, Husband, Brother, and member of our society.

Hiring Scott is the best decision I made.”

“In my previous experience as an Operations Manager, I spent many years working with South Florida attorneys in multiple types of law and with a wide variety of backgrounds and motivations. From big firms with hundreds of employees to small firms with only a handful, the size of the firm did not necessarily indicate the value, skill or dedication of the attorneys involved. Finding a good one is no easy task. Especially when it comes to sensitive areas like Family Law.

I learned early on that with all things in life, choosing carefully is extremely important and choosing an attorney, when necessary, is definitely towards the top of the list!

They hold significant responsibility in our lives as our chosen legal representatives.

With those points in mind, Scott J. Brook has stood out to me since the first time we met. He’s an attorney who really cares and is committed to his family, his friends, his community and his clients. What you see with Scott, is exactly what you get, which I personally respect greatly. He has a very unique ability to be pleasant and personable while also being aggressive and bold, when the opportunity calls for it. I don’t think I’ve met another attorney with that unique blend of character traits and I think it’s what makes Family Law his true life calling.

It’s been a great pleasure to know Scott Brook and work with him closely. His caring soul and absolute dedication shows through in everything he does and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”

This is a review about A Mother’s Love- a mother’s love runs deeper than any river and a bottomless sea- It reaches higher than the stars in the sky goes beyond the atmosphere of any planet – When a mother shares her body with the most beautiful gift that God could ever give ,her love shows no boundaries -She would sacrifice her life for her child ,my love for my son is the greatest love that I would ever know – I walked into Scott Brook’s Law office feeling confused ,alone and in a dark place with the custody of my son being threatened – Scott looked at me and said to me don’t worry let today be the last day you look to darkness ,look to the light I’m on your side I will fight for you – Scott and his team went above and beyond the call of duty for me and my son – On the weekend of Mother’s day Mr. Brook gave me the ultimate Mother’s day present ,it wasn’t Flowers or a card but he won my case and I got 100% custody of my son – I write this with great love ,gratitude and admiration for Scott Brook my attorney and his team – If you need someone to fight for you Scott Brook will fight for you and turn your darkness into light – He will put a smile on your face and turn your sad tears into tears of joy – You can put your trust in him and I promise you he will be there every step of the way and will never lie to you or let you down -He is truly a beautiful soul and thank him from the bottom of my heart from a mother’s love”

Mr. Brook was highly recommended by a very close friend. He took lots of care in helping me through the painful process of my divorce. He answered my questions thoroughly and was always available for a talk. He was very professional and easy to talk to. I now not only have a great lawyer to turn to but a great friend as well. I would highly recommend Scott Brook to anyone in need of a great family law attorney.

When you are going through a major life transition like a divorce, you prepare yourself for very difficult days ahead. Other than the support of family and friends, the very positive experience that I had with Attorney Scott Brook stood out as a beacon of light during a difficult period. From the time that we met to discuss the details, throughout the process and right up to the final hearing and even beyond to finalize details, Scott, his paralegal Carmen and associate attorneys were skilled, helpful, compassionate and showed a level of empathy rarely found these days. Thank you to Scott Brook for making my life easier when I needed the help of an attorney. He is the best!

It’s extremely hard to find an attorney who takes the time to get to know his clients on a more personal level to truly understand the reasons they’re in need of their help and develop a real strategy around those needs. From the first consultation to the moment my case was finalized, Mr. Brook and his team always reassured me that they’re on top of things every step of the way. I was in a custody battle and Mr. Brook and his team made the process easier to deal with and less stressful. I’m extremely grateful for all that they have done for me and my family throughout this difficult situation. They have lifted a great weight off my shoulders. I would highly recommend Mr. Brook and his firm for your legal needs. Again, Thank you Mr. Brook for all your help…

Life does not always go as planned, and unfortunately when two parents are no longer see eye to eye or in my case are not on the same planet we seek guide and knowledge from all kinds of people. I have found clarity and resolution with the help of Scott Brook. Mr. Brook is an extremely caring individual. He was able to take my crazy circus (life i was living) and make sense of what was going on and provide me with a game plain and how we as a team would overcome. Mr. Brook was calm and understanding (my sense of reasoning) throughout the whole process. The professionalism and dedication I received from Mr.Brooks and his office helped me not only achieve a favorable out come in court but made sure that my kids were always put first and that there wellbeing came above everything else. My family and I are truly grateful and honored to have had the privilege of working with Mr.Brooks and his entire staff.

I have been along term client to Scott Brook.  I met him 5 years ago in a time of chaos and major transition in my life.  Scott took the time to really care about me, my daughter and my situation and give me solid advice.  He did not tell me what I wanted to hear, rather what I needed to hear.  He made it clear that this could go one of a number of directions and that if I took his coaching and applied what he asked me to do it would all work out.  I am proud to say I took his advice and followed it to the letter and not only did we win every court battle, we won what I really wanted which was 50/50 custody.  

The 50/50 custody was scaled as my daughter was very young and over the last two years I went from 2 nights out of 14 to 3, then 5 and now 7.  Scott had the mediation document state that child support would change in accordance with the increase in nights and as my child turned 5, we were instructed to change the child support in accordance with child support laws.

Scott was able to take my child support from me paying $800 per month to not owing my ex wife anything.  In fact, she owes me a small amount.  Getting my ex wife to go from using all my child support on her bills to stop all payments, get her to sign a new child support agreement and do it affordable, quickly and most importantly painlessly is remarkable.

Scott and his team of highly professional staff are totally committed to their clients.  My advice to anyone reading this is to meet with Scott and see for yourself why he is a rare light in a dark world of divorce.  Second, I would listen to his advice.  He is not one to promise something and not deliver, so if you want what he offers, follow his advice to the letter.  Getting a divorce can be a horrible process, make sure you have someone that knows their stuff and really cares in your corner,


The firm of Scott J Brook PA exemplifies how a client should be treated when retaining a law firm. You are never treated like a billable transaction. Rather, I was treated as an important person, with important needs, requiring top notch legal counsel. And, as we got deeper into my case, the staff made me feel like part of the family, always showing sincere concern for me, my children and my fiancé now wife. As a client of the firm, my experience with the Scott J Brook PA was exceptional. When I needed my hand held through various parts of defending an extremely difficult relocation petition, the staff as, well as Mr. Brook made sure that I was adequately prepared both mentally and legally to get through what turned out to be a very rigorous ordeal. As a father facing an uphill battle against a mother wanting to leave the state with our kids, the only way I able to navigate this process successfully was due to the exceptional legal preparation of the law firm as well as the emotional support I received from Mr. Brook and his wonderful staff. Mr. Brook won my relocation case and I could not be more thankful.

Scott J. Brook esq. is a family law firm where you feel welcomed and warm from the beginning through the whole process of divorce. As everyone knows, divorce is one of the hardest things you may encounter in your life. It’s a time you need the courage, guidance and best representation at court. That’s exactly what this firm gives you. I was highly satisfied with Scott’s advices, being available after hours and during weekend. His staff is very friendly, understanding and warm.


Petra Duva

The Law Office of Scott J. Brook, P.A. handled my divorce which involved three children and contentious Child support issues. Mr. Brook and staff handled the case skillfully and kept in frequent communication. Mr. Brook delivered quality results at reasonable rates in my case and kept me informed throughout the case. The Law Office of Scott J.Brook are courteous and professional, but appropriately aggressive to get the job done and produced excellent results. I would recommend Scott J. Brook.

Thank you

John Vaca

“Mr. Brooks and his team did such a fantastic job on my almost impossible case. These very special and unique individuals all work together. They are always on the same page and all very kind. With a keen understanding of your rights as a parent, he will not fail you in litigation. Mr. Brooks truly cared for me and my children. His staff contacted me throughout my awful ordeal and made me feel like I was part of their family. You are truly in the best hands when it comes to family law. Scott is the most effective lawyer I have ever met. He will not bow down to a challenge. I am forever grateful to Scott, Mason and the his wonderful staff.”

Thank you,

Alexandra Beckers

Dear Scott,

I just wanted to thank you for getting me through one of the most difficult times in my life. You and your whole team,especially Mason, helped ease my fears and made the whole process so much easier to deal with. Scott, thank you so much for sharing your insight, advice and expertise with me when I know I wasn’t the easiest client at first. I am glad I listened to your advice because my son is living a wonderful life with two parents that finally get along. We will forever be grateful.

Laura B

Mr. Nettleton, Nicole, Stacey, and the rest of the crew were very knowledgable and professional. They made me feel like I was their only client. I was kept thoroughly informed. Hopefully, I will never need their services again but will not hesitate to use them if necessary.

Thank you. Brian

Leaving on a jet plane…

I was referred to Mr. Brook by a family member who knew I was in a desperate situation with absolutely NO room for error! I came to him, originally, in March 2013 with a relocation case in which my husband and I were moving out of state for career opportunities and my ex-husband, whom I shared visitation with, was fighting us tooth and nail. Scott was willing and able to do what was necessary to win our case. From our deposition, through to our trial, Scott and his staff were completely prepared and capable of standing up to my ex-husbands egotistical, bully of a lawyer whose best defense was name-calling! Scott was able to make him fearful for a negative outcome based on their defense and with good reason! LONG story long, we were victorious!! Not just once but THREE times, when my ex-husband appealed two additional times after our initial trial.

If you are looking for a family lawyer, look no further than the man who values his own family above all!!! And don’t forget to ask for Mason Nettleton, Mr. Brook’s AMAZING associate who had to deal with countless emails and phone calls from me in basket case mode and he/they did so with a smile on their face and the confidence I needed to get through this incredibly stressful time!

Thank you Scott, Mason, Nicole, Debbie, and the rest of this amazing team! My family and I are forever indebted to you!

Katheryne Willoughby

“As an embattled father trying to assert my parental rights, Scott and his team were invaluable in and out of court. Because of his legal expertise and methodical approach, we negotiated a better arrangement, so now my son and I are closer than ever. I highly recommend Scott and his team. They empowered me and made a huge difference in my family life.

Thank you Scott!”

Have a great day and thanks again!

Sergio Yanes

Dear Scott,

While this thank you is long overdue, it is still deeply, deeply heartfelt.

I will forever be grateful to you for your care, compassion, understanding and support during my crisis.

Thank you for your words of comfort and encouragement, for bringing me a bountiful and fulfilling closure, and for making it possible for me to gather with family and seek help without worry.

I remember when I first solicited your services, something you said to me that pierced my heart and has stayed with me for the last ten years, you sat me down in your office and said to me that you wanted the truth because you will not ever represent anyone that lied to you.

You also said that you win your cases with the truth and that struck a chord with me, that to me was the most important aspect of me winning my case and that showed me a man of great integrity and I will never hesitate to recommend you to anyone should they ever need an attorney.

You have been a great attorney friend and a brother to me in the most difficult ten years of my life.

You have such an exemplary and kind heart, and I can’t thank you enough for all you did (and continue to do) to help me get through a difficult and scary time.

As my attorney and a great friend you will never know how much you have really helped me throughout the last 10 years of my life and still here for me even after my case was closed.

You continued to be there for me something that no attorney that I have ever dealt with has done for me.

Thank you for your professional help and kind friendship.

Most sincerely,

Tennyson Charles

Excellent legal team and expertise offered while providing sincere care and concern

I was referred to Scott’s service through another lawyer in my network. From the initial meeting, Scott presented confidence, concern and expertise in supporting me through the divorce process. It was a daunting process and emotionally trying time for me, I genuinely felt Scott gave me reassurance and peace that he will support me through this process till end.

His team was also easy to work with, responsive and kind. This was quite a devastating period of my life and to be surrounded with them did significantly help me through the process.

I particularly appreciated Scott’s honesty and direct approach to deal with the legalities, I felt he was confident and possess a high amount of legal expertise to assist his clients successfully.

Thank you Scott and team!

Dear Scott:

I’d just like to take the opportunity to put this out not only to you, but to your staff and co-workers as well.

It was from our initial consult that I felt confident and secure that you were the right man for the job. You showed genuine concern for my situation and gained my trust with your strategy on how you would move forward in the event I retained you. As well as displayed true professionalism and tact.

In the few months that we worked together, I feel that not only did I hire a qualified team to get me through my divorce, we also made new friendships that I hope will be long lasting. I knew every time I walked into the office, I was going to be treated with kindness and respect and that there was always someone available to answer my questions. You can be rest assured that what was next needed to be done will be done efficiently and in a timely manner.

Lastly, let me just say that you have a great team that works well together, and the pride you take in your work shows in how you maintain your clients.

Karen B.

Attorney Scott Brook really cares about his clients.  When I came to him with all of my problems, I appreciated his calm way of talking with me and helping me to find ways to resolve my problems. He represented us because he sincerely wanted to help us, and even after our case was closed, he took the time to talk with us when we had questions.  He looks out for the interest of his client and not only his own.  He also is very family oriented.  He loves and cares much for his wife, his children and grandchildren. He is a man of his word and keeps his promises. I have, and will continue to recommend Scott Brook as an attorney who really cares.


I had been referred to Scott Brook’s office from another local law firm in order to review my prenuptial agreement and what impressed me so much was the fact that he was kind enough to review my document while I waited without an appointment. I had expected that I would have to wait at least a day or two. That kind of attention is not normally how most attorneys make themselves available . I recommend anyone in South Florida looking for caring family law attorney to contact Scott Brook.


Dear Mr. Brook,

I know it took me some time to call and thank you for your help with my case. Before I came to see you in your office, I talked with  a lot of lawyers, but when we met I knew I wanted you to represent me, and I signed with you at the same time. During the process, you kept me informed with all the details and you  assured me that everything will be fine. At the end we  got the settlement we hoped to get.

I want to thank you and Debbie for all the help and wish both of you a Happy Holiday!


N S Nouri

One of the most amazing things about Scott Brook id his heart and his love for what he does as Broward Divorce Attorney.  Making paperwork with the court system and the client go smoothly with every case. His office staff is so wonderful and this is a “sure thing”, you want Scott Brook at law in your court.

Tanya Marie

While this thank you is long over due, it is still deeply, deeply heartfelt.I will forever be grateful to you for your care, compassion, understanding and support during my crisis. Thank you for your words of comfort and encouragement, for bringing me a bountiful and fulfilling closure, and for making it possible for me to gather with family and seek help without any worry.

I remember when I first solicited your services, something you said to me that pierced my heart. And has stayed with me for the last ten years you sat me down in your office and said to me that you wanted the truth because you will not ever represent anyone that lied to you.You also said that you win your cases with the truth and that struck a cord with me, that to me was the most important aspect of me winning my case and that showed me a man of great integrity and i will never hesitate to recommend you to anyone should they ever need an attorney, you have been a great attorney friend and a brother to me in the most difficult ten years of my life,

You have such an exemplary and kind heart, and i can not thank you enough for all you did (and continue to do) to help me get through a difficult and scary time. As my Attorney and a great friend you will never know how much you have really helped me through out the last 10 years of my life and still here for me even after my case was closed.

you continued to be there for me something that no other attorney that i have ever dealt with has done for me thank you for your professional help and kind friendship.


Tennyson Charles

Scott Brook, along with his caring staff handled our case with total professionalism.  We never felt as though we were just a case number.  He and the staff “held our hands” through the entire process.

Ty and Caroline W.

Thank you for all your help and support during a difficult time. I also wanted to thank Scott and your entire office. Everyone was helpful, professional, and showed a genuine interest in my case and that speaks volumes for your team. I will recommend your office to anyone who would ever ask! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Scott, and everyone in the office!

Erick Mendez

I am going tomorrow to get a copy of the order.  When we got downstairs to Room 248 they told us we would be waiting about an hour to an hour and a half for it to be brought down. I asked them if I could pick it up today (Wednesday) or Thursday at the latest.  They told me that wasn’t a problem.  I will get you a copy as soon as I get it.  I planned on sitting down to send you a note about everything.  I appreciate your assistance with everything and I am grateful that I had you representing me.  It seems so petty in the whole grand scheme of life, but I assure you unfortunately it was necessary!!!  I would not have known what to do or what to say without you and for that, I will eternally be grateful.

Thank you again for your services.



“In March of 2008, I contacted Scott Brook involving a legal battle against my ex girlfriend.  The only people that supported me was my immediate family, being told by everyone wise that I should just settle because Florida favors the woman in such matters.  After talking with Scott Brook and him explaining all that was involved in a broward county divorce settlement procedures and what were my chances, I decided to defend myself for what I considered what was legally and morally mine but could not prove it.  Scott did not promise me a definite win and all he asked was that I told the truth.

In the course of three years my ex brought me to court 5 times, each time being more unreasonable than the last.  And each time Scott Brook defended me and won in my favor.

On October or 2012 we finally went to court after my ex turned down my offer.  I went to a broward county divorce court with Scott Brook and all we had was two documents and my ex having seven years of documents.  It was an unusual case which is probably why most said to prepare for a loss of 50{c3d88a7154702a90c1bd7ce5f2361dc4c47746c9612e20b4ec20607b8e50fdc0} of my assets.

By the time I had complete confidence in Scott Brook and in the end it’s the court’s decision.  My only regret is that I didn’t have a recording of that day in court to show, but at least I have my memory.  From Scott’s opening statement to his questioning of myself, my ex and his closing statement, it was a sight to behold.  His calm but commanding hold on that day was incredible.  His offer to my ex in his closing statement stunned me for it was less than half our original offer.

No matter how stunned I was then, I was more stunned when Scott called me to tell me the judge’s decision.. Against all odds Scott Brook won my case.  A tremendous win.  In the end all I can say it was a real bad long long time and the outcome was beyond my belief.  And also in the end I remember Scott not Scott Brook my Coral Springs lawyer.”

Yours truly,

Bob Woods

“I have been a client of Scott’s for over 3 years now; I walked into his office with a very messy case and a very weak individual.  As time passed by any time I needed Scott (or his wonderful staff) he was always there for me and continues to be there for me.  Not only has Scott been my lawyer, he has also been a mentor and has become a very good friend.  I trust him and his word, and will always look for his advice whether it be legal or personal advice.  It is very rare that you find a lawyer (especially one who has been in office) who genuinely looks out for his clients’ best interest and their families .  I admire all of the work he has done in the community as well as the work he continues to do.  I am especially proud of the work he is currently doing to better the teens of Coral Springs and surrounding communities.  My children love Scott just as much and once they get older I will definitely be honored if Scott would mentor them as well for whatever they need!!!”

Michele Del Percio

Scott Brook and his staff proved to be more than a law firm. Not only did they help me deal with the dynamics of my divorce, and related custody issues involving my children, but they also gave me the emotional support that I so desperately needed during what has been to date the most trying time in my life. Not only do I intend to use them in the future for any ensuing family law issues; I would also highly recommend them to anyone in need of the services that they offer. Scott and his staff are professionals who haven’t forgotten the importance of empathy.

James Morris

“Divorce was a very difficult and painful chapter in my life, but when I met Scott Brook I knew almost instantly that he would be the “one” the attorney that would fight for my rights and the rights of my children. Scott captivated my trust and my instinct said “yes” and a year later, I now know I could not have made a better decision. Scott, thank you so much for sharing your insight, advice and expertise with a wonderful sense of compassion.”

Karen E Marroquin

Going through a divorce with the person you expected to spend the rest of your life with can be devastating across the board. You pray that you can find the best representation that is fair, available 24/7 for questions you think of in the middle of a staff meeting, or praying with your kids at night before bed. You remain strong and rejoice on what blessings God has for you in the morning in this life. This partnership is a firm that is not only your attorney but a firm that is fair and respects your core values; knows the dreams goals and desires of you and your children or family and seeks to connect you with professional resources to encourage and empower you to live to your full potential. Staff that is personable, listens, and makes you feel at home. Although an unfortunate moment in your lifetime it is a blessing gained in wisdom, strength, truth, and an opportunity to see that there are great people who care and understand.

Trust Scott J. Brook P.A.  for your friend in family law.

Terri Jackson Carson

Master Empowerment Producer & Wellness Coach


Scott J. Brook’s services were truly worth every penny. He was quick to respond and always accessible.

Scott is someone who cares and someone who is dedicated in fighting for what is right.

He maintained consistent control of the issues at hand with such a positive attitude and outlook.  Mr. Brook and his staff work great under pressure and he is quick on his feet. His competence as an attorney was proven to me throughout the duration of my case.

Scott showed great professionalism to me as his client. I give my highest recommendation in choosing Scott J. Brook, P.A.!

A Happy Client

I was very impressed with the Scott J. Brooks staff during the length of my case. They not only showed professionalism, but they also showed true empathy for what I was going through. Their communications during this time was open and efficient. They completed the necessary work with such a positive attitude and made you feel like you were more than just a client.

Thank you for everything!!


I wanted to take a moment and thank Scott Brook and his associates for all the work they have done for me.  I think it is critical for any man going through a divorce to read this as the divorce laws in my opinion are very much against us.  Scott took me by the hand in a very emotion point and helped me on my feet. He explained the circumstances and what I needed to do. I am fortunate to consider myself coachable and LISTENED to what he told me.  Conflict can only exist if two people are a part of it.  I took myself from the equation and let Scott handle the details.  I went through a very difficult period of my time and to be honest not seeing my 2.5 year old child was an incredibly painful experience for me.  It was a short term pain for a long term benefit and when you are not reasonable and thinking long term it can fell unbearable.  Scott sat me down and had a very profound conversation about the long term consequences of what was going on.  He asked me to trust me and not do anything that could hurt my case and I listened.  It went from 2 months of painful separation from my child and ridiculous false accusations, to two months of visitation, to today having a 50/50 child custody split with my child and I could not be more pleased.  My relationship with my ex is better, my child seems happier than ever and can tell anyone and especially husbands to make sure you have GOOD consul and that your emotions are not your friends.  Listen to Scott, he is on your side and do what he tells you to do,

Peter C.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Scott J. Brook  P.A. for representing me in my divorce.

Scott has gone out of his way to be kind, helpful and considerate. Through his hard work and dedication to my case, I feel that I have someone who is truly fighting for me.  He even went out of his way to make sure that one of his female assistants attending a hearing so that I would not be the only woman in a sea of men.  I would, without hesitation, recommend Scott J. Brook  P.A. to anyone in need of a lawyer who will go above and beyond to win their case.


In the six months of working with the firm, I remain appreciative and humbled by the constant feeling of camaraderie, support, and overall sense of goodness from the entire staff of the firm of SJB.

As in any relationship, there are good and bad times, ups and downs, but the truly good, lasting and sustainable relationships grow and strengthen through the transitions.  I have seen tremendous growth not only in myself, but with each individual staff member and the firm as a whole since I first started, and that is a testament to the commitment the firm as a whole possess to serve our clients effectively and compassionately.

I am proud and lucky to call each of the team a friend.

Monica Miller

My first day of work at Scott J. Brook P.A. was in a very small office, where as I recall, all 4 of us, including Scott, were in a single narrow room. Although it was 10 years ago, I still remember my boss asking me what he could do for me!

Soon, we expanded to a suite of rooms in the same building, and this year, we moved to a newer building, where the office suite has a much larger conference room and a more suitable break room for the staff o f 11, plus two attorneys.  The firm has come a long ways since I first joined it, and I am excited to see our team grow in our level of service to our clients as well as our individual professional development.

I love my work because it involves helping others, and I have the opportunity to learn.  Another reason is because of my co-workers whom I admire for the different talents each member contributes to the team; and my boss, for his boldness and patience in empowering each one of us to strive beyond our perceived limitations, to become the best person we can be.

I thank god for bringing me to this law firm, and look forward to at least another 10 years with Scott J. Book P.A.

Debbie Huang

Scott J. Brook, P.A. and our staff are committed to assisting our clients, not just on a legal level, but on a personal, emotional, and financial level.  Each team member brings a different aspect to the table which helps us work better as a team to focus on our clients and their results.  When you hire our firm, you do not just hire the attorney, but the firm as a whole.  Our goal as a firm is to not only fight for you, but help you fight for yourself and your loved ones in the most productive and ethical way.

Becki Hathorn

My experience working at Scott J Brook P.A. for the past year and a half has been one of the most unique experiences on both a professional and personal level.  Our office goes the extra mile to help clients who are going through very tough times, and who may be financially struggling.  We always have the time and patience and kindness in our hearts to show them things will get better in time. Even if it’s just listening to what they have to say and offer support.

Our staff works as a team where everyone exceeds their individual roles in order to make our clients happy and feel reassured is a silver lining in that cloud.  Even though we all have different roles we all appreciate and understand each client’s needs on a different level.  I know our former and present clients appreciate our compassion and support from our team.

It is my pleasure to work at this office everyday knowing that somehow we made a difference in a person’s life.

Stacy Schmidt

I have worked at Scott J Brook P.A. for over 3 years. I can honestly say that I LOVE MY JOB.  There are many reasons I LOVE MY JOB, one is that I have a very kind, passionate, understanding boss who is always willing to guide me in the right direction and give me the guidance to better myself at what I do.  Second is my amazing co-workers who are such a pleasure to be around every day.  We work as a team and that is so important to make sure that the job is getting done.  This is a family law firm that will work above and beyond what is expected to get the job done and make our clients happy.

Third and most importantly, I LOVE MY JOB because of our clients.  For most of our clients this is one of the hardest and most stressful time of their life and I get the opportunity to help make a positive change.

With all that being said, I would highly recommend that if you are considering making a change in your life to let Scott J Brook P.A. be part of that change.

Judy Moscone

Scott J. Brook and professional staff provide compassion and effectiveness to our clients.   Our friendly and professional staff works relentlessly in order to alleviate clients in need.  Scott J. Brook, P.A. not only provides effective counsel, we provide peace of mind.

Resheen Cooper

“I first went to Scott in 2011 for pre-marital and property information. I immediately felt comfortable and appreciated the time and interest he took with my situation. I never thought that in 2013 I would need his guidance again. I left him a message telling him my situation and he got back with me shortly after that and told me to come see him the next day. He introduced me to another lawyer with his firm named Mason Nettleton and there began a journey I didn’t think I would be in. Between the both of them they help me navigate our court system while going through a divorce. If you want a lawyer and his associates and staff who truly are by your side from the beginning of your situation to the end and further then you want Scott Brook as your lawyer. If anyone finds them self in any situation I would give Scott Brook a call and he will always give you a honest answer.”

Hello, my name is Grace. I am writing this testimonial for the Law office of Scott Brook. I have been a client of the company since 2011. I would like to express the professionalism of Scott and his staff. I have been able to count on them to listen and respond promptly to all of my needs and concerns. I am also very impressed with their involvement in our community of Coral Springs and mostly with the young people in our city. Keep up the GREAT work!


Grace M.

My husband and I were extremely pleased with Scott Brooks, Mason Nettleton & the entire staff. Starting with our consultation we felt like we were in the right place with the right people to help us. We needed to have my ex-husband to terminate his parental rights for my 3 daughters so that my current husband could adopt them and give them the perfect life they deserve. All of the things we had read online or heard from others made it seem that the process would take years with several complications. Scott & Mason knew the exact steps to take to get us to where we needed to be. We were updated on a daily basis from our wonderful lawyers and their amazing staff so we always knew exactly what was going on. The entire process went by so quickly and smoothly we couldn’t have asked for anything better! There was no stress, no worries, and not one unanswered question.

Thank you all so much for giving my girls what they deserve!

Anthony & Vanessa Geloso