I am very happy to re-open my doors to serve families throughout Southeast Florida. While I practice divorce and family law for a living, I am an even bigger advocate for LOVE and RESPECT. So, in this article I will tie these verbs together with ideas for an amicable divorce. While it may be difficult to accomplish a divorce with love and respect, it is not impossible.

I often meet with clients who have huge differences with their spouse. However, my clients are committed to the well-being of their children. Thus, with such a commitment, it is possible to go through the process with LOVE and RESPECT. So, where do you begin?

This may sound facetious, but it is not intended to be. Begin at the beginning. Today. Declare the past complete. Don’t make yourself wrong for getting here or blame your spouse for his/her past failures. Begin a new day with new possibilities by declaring a new starting date for your future. No, this is not easy. However, with practice, it will be easier. With a focus on what you want in your future, as opposed to what was wrong with your past, you will begin at the beginning and not be weighed down by your past.

At Scott J. Brook, P.A., we are committed to help you have a new beginning. Its not that we are not zealous advocates if we must fight the other side for what’s right. We are. I LOVE trial and I love to advocate with passion and preparation for my clients. Nevertheless, if you focs on what you want to obtain for you and your children (if any), you can remain strategic throughout the divorce process and not be reactive.

Today I met with a client that I will call Charlie. Charlie had some shame about his divorce and was also candid to share that his wife is a great person and Mom, but they had just grown apart. Divorce does not run in Charlie’s family, but after 22 years of marriage they had grown apart. We help people go beyond what is typically the most painful part of their lives. Dreams have been shattered. There is so much uncertainty. Assets are now split in half. Parents who saw their children daily may now not see them more than 50% of the time. Divorce sucks.

But divorce is not death. I am divorced. Since my divorce, I met my beautiful wife, her three children, married all four of them and we have five children, three grandchildren an amazing daughter-in-law and life is full. Life is imperfect, full of hardships and I am grateful. With divorce, there is new possibility. You must allow for it and look forward and not backward.

With my team of paralegals and other support staff, we are happy to listen without judgment and arrive at a strategy to help you get the results you deserve with respect and diligence. We will treat you with kindness, love and respect and help you navigate a difficult process. I have been practicing since 1993 and I am lucky that I LOVE what I do. If you would like an ear, a strong advocate and a team of caring individuals to help you navigate a difficult process, we would welcome hearing from you.