Thank you citizens! Thank you for making my job so easy and enjoyable. I have loved being YOUR Mayor. I have loved our coffees, our walks, our talks, our meetings, our impact, seeking solutions together and so much more. We live in a unique, blessed community. We have so many people that care about others, do for others, volunteer and also get involved with our government. Thank you all for everything you do to enhance our community.
I thank my fellow employees, my predecessors, my Commission colleagues and all of my Committee members for also making my job the best I have ever had. I am proud that all of the Commissioners now have regular office hours, that we have a strong Government Citizens’ Committee (the CIGC) and that we have a Government academy and Teen Political Forum. We have one of the lowest tax rates in the State, a great quality of life and excellent schools in our midst. Of course, there are challenges ahead. I am confident that our new Commission and our new City Manager, Erdal Donmez, along with a great team will defeat these challenges and that our local economy will rebound.
If I have forgotten your name when we see each other, please forgive me. I hope you feel that I have contributed positively to you as well as to your perception of “government” or “politics.” Thank you again for the privilege of serving you for almost 9 years. Feel free to stay in touch with me at or by calling me at 954-757-5551. I will continue to work on our Teen Task Force and hope to be appointed to serve our Economic Development Foundation. Personally, I will spend more time with my loving family, spend more time on my law practice and finally finish writing my book on creating work/family balance!
Thank you Our Town for allowing me to have this column. Thank you also to all of my children for your support and understanding all of these years. Lastly, to my wife, Brenda, I cannot thank you enough for the sacrifice you have made and the love you have given me and our children which has allowed me to serve our community.
It has been a great ride!! By the way, NO HURRICANES during my tenure as Mayor!
I wish you all well.
With Appreciation,
Your Friendly Mayor
Mayor Scott J. Brook
City of Coral Springs
9551 W. Sample Road
Coral Springs, FL 33065