Ramblewood Middle School recently put on an excellent community forum to help families navigate these stressful times and achieve a balance with our teens’ use of technology is healthy ways. The panelists, including Rabbi Gross from Temple Beth Orr, were informative and inspirational. One of the most important themes discussed during the evening was how the family unit has evolved so much over the years and the need for us to expand our concept of “family” to include one another for additional mutual support.
Let’s face it. Generally speaking, these are stressful times for many families. It is more and more common to know someone battling a tough illness, or someone who has been looking for work for too long or owe more money on their house than it’s worth. Relative to two years ago, many people feel they have lost so much. On the other hand, most people I know are taking control of their reactions and finding a way to make things work. Our Community hosted a job fair in January that was chaired by Don McCarty and facilitated by over 20 more volunteers! We recently acknowledged the leadership and selflessness of Jimmy, a local school leader and volunteer, for always doing what it takes to help others in need. Rotary and Sawgrass Middle School are planting gardens in Coral Springs to support the environment and build a better future.
We are blessed to live in Coral Springs with so many people who contribute to the lives of others. I receive calls or emails from at least 30 people weekly who want to help lift our community. There are so many ways to make a difference. I will be hosting a “MAD Academy,” which stands for Make A Difference Academy in the next few months and I am looking for volunteers to work with me. If you are interested, please email me at Scottbrook@scottjbrookpa.com. Thanks to all of you who have already volunteered to work with me.
Lastly, as you may know, we have been discussing ways to drastically reduce the drug use of teens in the City and how to lock away the drug dealers. Our Chief reminded everyone recently that we accept and REWARD anonymous tips. If you or your teen knows of someone who is dealing drugs or pills, please call 227-TIPS or 344-1800 and report your knowledge confidentially. There is no way we can attack this issue without a huge effort from our citizens – YOU!
Thank you for reading my articles. I hope that you and your family are managing these challenging times in healthy ways. Please look at our City Website for so many ways the City is affecting change and providing opportunities for connections with our fantastic community – www.CoralSprings.org. If you need me, call me. My number at City Hall is 344-5906. My cell is 954-494-9872.
Have an awesome Day!
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