By: Shauna Smith

As children, we remember hearing the word divorce whether it was in our own families, or we wanted to understand why we were visiting a friend who lived in different houses. From the moment we heard that word it was always associated with a negative connotation and it remained that way as we grew up. Despite divorce being a term for separation, there are various reasons why divorce is a better option than staying in an unhappy marriage.

  1. The effects on children

As children’s minds are developing, they start to mirror and interpret the actions of their parents. When children hear their parents argue and insult one another, it will cause them to seek out similar relationship patterns as they get older. It is important that as parents, children are taught to understand they’re worth and never settle for less, the only way for a child to understand that is if they see mutual respect being modeled in their homes.  While divorce can be an emotional process for both the parents and the child, they will be able to avoid the ongoing challenges of living in a toxic household.

  1. Your personal growth

When individuals are unhappy in their relationship, they may find themselves unhappy and unmotivated in their personal lives as well. When you are at constant war with your partner, stress and discouragement are natural emotions associated. however, stepping away from the battlefield will allow you to pursue the career you wanted, the hobby you’ve been meaning to try, and will allow you to find peace within yourself. Instead of putting all of your efforts into a partnership that no longer empowers you, it is so important to remember to go after the life you deserve.

  1. You lose comfort, but you gain happiness

Marriage is a form of security to some, and a trap in the eye of many in discouraging partnerships. While many choose not to divorce in order to keep what they know, they miss out on what is to come. This can include a new marriage, a new career, or a completely different life path. As humans in general, we cannot stay stagnant and we must always continue to learn and grow. In healthy relationships it is possible to grow with your partner, but there is nothing wrong with leaving to grow with yourself.

  1. Your mental health will thank you

Our environment inevitably effects our mental health and the health of those around us. Separating from a partner is a fresh start for both of you and may make it easier to co-parent and find peace in ending your union. Improving your mental health influences your performance as an individual, an employee, a boss, and a family member and is crucial to your day to day life. If there is anything to pull back from, it should never be from yourself.

If you and your partner are thinking of separation, Scott J. Brook PA is here for you. We understand the heartbreak and the struggle and we aim to make this transition one that will benefit you and your spouse.